Around the world in just one park

In the Central City Park in Nursultan is a colourful monument comprising figures bearing globes painted to represent the countries of the world, originally created for the 2017 Expo. It’s fun to walk round spotting the countries you have visited, and wincing at the cliche of the UK’s London bus and Union Jack livery.

On the southern site of the park is Atemeken: a giant map of Kazakstan. We paid the extra 500 tenge for an English guided tour, which was well worth it. Each region is represented by an assortment of buildings: tombs, town halls, factories, concert halls, etc. along with major topographical features, including the Caspian Sea, the Aral Sea and various mountain ranges – the latter had noticessaying “Keep off the mountains”.) Not everything is to the same scale. Near the entrance to Mangistau region is an underground mosque that is big enough to walk through.

The Left Bank of Nur-Sultan is in an indoor pavilion. Some of the buildings exhibited in there puzzled us, until our guide explained that they had not actually been finished in real life yet.  Just outside the pavilion was a section with examples of the typical style of house of each of the nationalities that live in Kazakhstan. 

We visited Kazakhstan in September 2019

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