Another town, another Cat Cafe

“Have you ever been to a Cat Café before?”

“Yes, in Vilnius.”  I think my answer slightly confused the owner of what claims to be the first Cat Café in the Midlands, located in Stratford-upon-Avon and called (what else?) the Shakespaw Cat Café. But she carried on gamely with ‘the rules.’

This one was very different from the Vilnius experience.  Yes, the external door is locked, there is ample ‘cat furniture’ and rules about not disturbing the feline residents.  But where Vilnius was bright, airy and modern, this one is a ‘vintage tearoom’ with flowery furnishings and mismatched china.  It also has an entry charge of £5 per person in addition to what you might spend on food and drink (Vilnius had a minimum spend.)  There are however, plenty of cats, all inevitably named after Shakespeare characters.  The long-haired grumpy one who slept throughout our visit is called Bottom, whereas the family of gingers rescued from a canal in Wolverhampton the week before our visit include Romeo and Tybalt, but even the staff can’t tell them apart yet.

Food and drink includes proper tea, scones, sandwiches and homemade cake.  They also do very nice pancakes – I had mine with lemon and lavender sugar.

I visited the Shakespaw Cat Cafe in August 2019

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