I first started travelling in 1984, when I managed to persuade my mother that Austria was a more interesting holiday choice than Norfolk again (not that I have anything against Norfolk.) Since then I have never looked back.

This site is a collection of things I have written about travels in the past as well as more recent journeys.

I like to travel to places that interest me because of their scenery, history, culture or food. You won’t find me in a sun-lounger on the beach.

Sometimes I visit places for more obscure reasons. Ten years or so ago, I aided and abetted my husband in travelling to all the places that had Wombles named after them. Bungo was a challenge. We are about to visit places that featured in John Buchan books. One day we may do a Dornford Yates tour of Europe.

When I am not travelling, I live in the Chilterns, and have co-written the Bradt Slow Guide to the Chilterns and the Thames Valley.